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Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a keynote speaker and leading authority on global business trends including ‘big data’, demographic forecasting and the social media revolution. He’s the author of the award-winning book, Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed (2011, Wiley) and a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV. Patrick has spoken about global demographic trends, predictive analytics and the social media revolution at conferences and business events around the world.
Patrick spoke about Learned Intuition at TEDx Sacramento in August 2012.
Patrick’s past books include Webify Your Business: Internet Marketing Secrets for the Self-Employed (2009) and Make Yourself Useful: Marketing in the 21st Century (2008). He has been featured by the New York Times, CNN Money, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Inc. Magazine, Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek, the Associated Press, MONEY Magazine and Forbes, among others.

An effective speech should act as a catalyst for change, and Patrick is passionate about that objective. Whether you’re looking for a dynamic opening keynote for an audience of thousands or a facilitator for an executive strategy session, Patrick’s global perspective and entrepreneurial mindset will inspire disruptive thinking and business transformation within your audience.


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Visit Patrick’s “Strategic Business Insights” video blog to view samples of his content style, approach and delivery.


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Patrick Schwerdtfeger earns over 90% of his income in speaking fees. He’s a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV and has spoken in dozens of countries around the world. Please contact us today to check availability and discuss your event objectives.
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Patrick’s past clients include:

Thought leader, global speaker, business futurist and author; trust Patrick to deliver insights & buzz to your upcoming event.

Patrick has spoken for governments (including those of the Cayman Islands, India and Bahrain), Fortune 500 Companies (including those displayed above), academic institutions (including Purdue University) and industry trade associations. He’s contributed to hundreds of events in dozens of countries around the world, bringing a global perspective and broad business expertise to your attendees.

Learn more about Patrick’s fundamental beliefs:

Anything is possible.
Anybody can dominate their chosen field with enough practice and tenacity. Any company can dominate its industry with the right guidance and human talent. It all boils down to beliefs. If you believe it’s possible, it is. If you don’t, you’ll never make any progress. So how can you build your beliefs? By taking small actions repeatedly in the right direction. Success is the accumulation of 10,000 tiny victories and 100,000 tiny failures! So rather than being afraid of failure, take massive action and trust that each step will bring you closer to your goal.
Your potential is not fixed.
Your potential is a function of the actions you’ve taken in your life. When you take more action, you develop more skills. When you try new things, you expand your potential. Meanwhile, if you take less action, your potential will shrink right in front of your eyes. So as an individual, you can expand your potential as long as you’re keep taking action. And as a manager, you can help your people expand their potential by guiding their actions in an intelligent direction. In either case, potential will grow in proportion to effort.
Communication is essential.
Communication facilitates progress. Without it, ideas and insights can’t spread from one person to another. So without communication, you can’t learn from others or teach them anything yourself. Effective communication is the highest-paid skill a person can have and the deterioration of communication skills in recent years creates even more opportunities for those who are good at it. Ambitious people need to study communication in conjunction with their primary skill set.
Technology is exponential.
The most exciting characteristic of technology is that it’s scalable. It takes the same effort to go from 1 to 10 as it does to go from 10 to 100, or to go from 100 to 1,000. Technology solutions are exponential by nature, and that’s what might just allow them to solve the daunting global problems that have taken decades to develop. And as the world’s population marches past 10 billion by 2100, technology is helping us literally optimize our existence on this planet. Businesses need to embrace technology to add an exponential element to their growth plans while contributing to a sustainable future.
Bigger goals are easier to achieve.
Thinking BIG creates a fascinating domino effect. First, happiness increases and that’s been proven to improve performance. Life is more fun when you’re chasing BIG goals! Second, you end up inspiring everyone else around you, including your customers, your employees and even your suppliers, not to mention your friends and family. If you embrace BIG goals, countless people will line up to help you achieve them. And third, you often have very little competition along the way, because everyone else is too busy chasing “realistic” goals. Don’t limit yourself to “realistic” goals! Add some BIG ones to the list.
In March, 2013, Patrick launched his Strategic Business Insights video blog. The series covers a wide variety of business, geopolitical and personal development topics. New videos are uploaded on a regular basis and are generally between five and 15 minutes long. This accumulated inventory of video content is a useful resource for your speaker selection committee to review. It will immediately highlight the topics that Patrick is passionate about and provide examples of his approach and delivery. Please take a look!

"Strategic Business Insights" Video Blog

Please let us know if you find particular videos that would fit well with your event agenda. Patrick can customize his keynote program and incorporate messages and/or themes that exist within his videos. Patrick can also create custom videos to support your event marketing efforts.
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