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Speaker for Network Marketing

Do you need a keynote speaker for your network marketing conference?

TEDx speaker Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a leading authority on self-employment and a motivational speaker who has spoken dozens of events for commission salespeople and independent distributors. Patrick is the author of the award-winning book Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed (2011, Wiley) and a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV. He has spoken at business events around the world, almost all of them in the self-employment, small business or home business opportunity niche. These types of events regularly attract network marketing distributors including people with YTB Travel, MonaVie, Arbonne, Amway, NuSkin, Xango, ACN, Herbalife and Isagenix among many others. There is a huge opportunity for MLM salespeople to leverage online branding and social media to attract opportunity seekers and build their downline organizations. Patrick’s marketing philosophy for the network marketing business is described in more detail below.

Patrick Schwerdtfeger maintains a video blog entitled Strategic Business Insights that’s perfect for network marketing distributors. Many of these free videos are motivational and mindset-oriented, and they will help your downline build their own respective businesses. You can watch past episodes and subscribe by clicking the button below. Encourage your distributors to do the same!

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Network marketing is unique because there are two different sales pitches going on at the same time: one for the product and another for the opportunity. The financial rewards await those who pursue the second. With that in mind, network marketing distributors are always looking for people who are unsatisfied with their current job and income. Today’s increasingly social internet makes these people easy to find. Also, once signed up, platforms like Facebook and YouTube can showcase their early successes within their peer group, attracting more prospective distributors.

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Some of the strategies are as simple as searching for “I hate my job” or “I hate my boss” on Twitter (which can yield amazing results) while others are more advanced. Of course, the problem is that very few people have any idea how to use social media to actually get results. Most people are just wasting time. But indeed, there are a select few who are achieving massive results with simple strategies. In his 60-minute “Go BIG!” keynote program, Patrick will inspire your attendees with success stories from inside and outside the network marketing business. The message is to think BIGGER about your business and Patrick delivers it loud and clear.


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