Weekly CEO Briefing

($99 USD per month)

Strategic intelligence for global business leaders.

Weekly CEO Briefing is designed for business owners, C-level executives, and investors from emerging economies. Patrick Schwerdtfeger provides guidance on (1) technology trends, (2) global megatrends, (3) exponential thinking, and (4) strategic investments.

Technology Trends

  • Big Data, IoT, Analytics, AI/ML
  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, ICOs
  • VR, AR, Mixed Reality
  • Decentralization & Anarchy
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity

Global Megatrends

  • Demographic Forecasting
  • Infrastructure Spending
  • Geopolitical Developments
  • Understanding US Foreign Policy
  • Sovereign Wealth, Sovereign Debt

Exponential Thinking

  • Embracing Disruptive Innovation
  • Exponential vs. Linear Thinking
  • Reframing Your Business (Branding)
  • Advertising, Conversion, Scaling
  • Leadership: Moonshot Thinking

Strategic Investment

  • Technical Analysis by Sector
  • Trading vs. Investing Strategies
  • Cryptocurrency Token Updates
  • Asset Allocation & Rebalancing
  • Algorithmic Trading, Dynamic ETFs

Introduction (2 minutes)

Highlights (6 minutes)

San Francisco, USA (52 minutes)

Bangalore, India (31 minutes)

Patrick speaks at corporate and government events all around the world. He’s well known for his global perspective and thoughtful cultural awareness. Recent speaking destinations include the following:

Patrick Schwerdtfeger’s In-Person Fee Schedule

Upcoming Events
July 1, 2019Capetown, South AfricaBusiness Owners
May 15, 2019Sacramento, CaliforniaHuman Resources Professionals
April 10, 2019Vancouver, CanadaDistributors & Manufacturers
April 8, 2019Cincinnati, OhioCredit Union Executives
April 1, 2019Amsterdam, The NetherlandsMoving & Relocation Executives
March 29, 2019St. Louis, MissouriPharmacy Technology Managers
March 4, 2019Phoenix, ArizonaQuality Professionals
February 28, 2019Athens, GreeceTourism & Aviation Executives
February 22, 2019Los Angeles, CaliforniaPurchasing Executives
January 14, 2019San Diego, CaliforniaCorporate Directors
Recent Events
November 12, 2018Dallas, TexasOperations & Manufacturers
November 7, 2018Las Vegas, NevadaIndian Tribe Technology Executives
November 2, 2018Chicago, IllinoisFinancial Services & Wealth Management
October 24, 2018Las Vegas, NevadaInternal Auditors & CPAs
October 19, 2018New Orleans, LouisianaAccounting Company Executives
October 17, 2018Tacoma, WashingtonCredit Union Executives
October 15, 2018Orlando, FloridaService Management Professionals
October 8, 2018Virtual Event (Webinar)Technology Consultants
October 3, 2018Des Moines, IowaBusiness Owners & Executives
September 20, 2018Austin, TexasMedia Technology Professionals
September 17, 2018Costa Mesa, CaliforniaBusiness Owners & CEOs
September 11, 2018Deadwood, South DakotaFarm Appraisal Service Providers
August 16, 2018Bakersfield, CaliforniaAgriculture & Farming Executives
July 18, 2018Orlando, FloridaProbation Officers
July 11, 2018Cypress, GreeceMedia IT Developers
June 23, 2018San Francisco, CaliforniaInternational Exhibition Logistics
June 19, 2018Las Vegas, NevadaAuditors, CPAs, and Consultants
June 12, 2018San Diego, CaliforniaSanitation Industry Wholesalers
June 7, 2018Wailea, HawaiiFinancial Advisors & Insurance Agents
May 17, 2018San Francisco, CaliforniaVermiculite Producers
May 15, 2018Chicago, IllinoisFinancial Services Professionals
May 7, 2018Virtual Event (Webinar)Technology Consultants
May 5, 2018Santa Fe, New MexicoCredit Union Board Members
May 2, 2018Monterey, CaliforniaAgriculture & Farming Executives
April 30, 2018San Antonio, TexasInsurance Sales Leaders
April 24, 2018New York City, New YorkCorporate Bonds / Financial Secondary
April 16, 2018Chengdu, ChinaAutomotive OEM Manufacturers
March 24, 2018Palm Springs, CaliforniaSecurities Trading Professionals
March 13, 2018Las Vegas, NevadaInternal Auditors & CPAs
March 8, 2018Orlando, FloridaFinancial Services Strategists
March 2, 2018Dallas, TexasCollege Bookstore Managers
February 26, 2018Las Vegas, NevadaTradeshow & Exhibition Marketing
February 22, 2018Dubai, United ARab EmiratesEnergy & Water Executives
February 20, 2018Tampa, FloridaAgriculture & Farming Executives
January 20, 2018Bangalore, IndiaHigh Net Worth Investors
January 18, 2018Chicago, IllinoisFinancial Services & Wealth Management
January 9, 2018Kansas City, MissouriTechnology Infrastructure Installation
December 5, 2017Charlotte, North CarolinaMetal Building Manufacturers
November 22, 2017Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesFinancial Services Salespeople
November 10, 2017Sacramento, CaliforniaNonfiction Authors
November 8, 2017La Cross, WisconsinBusiness Owners & Executives
November 6, 2017Chicago, IllinoisMetal Fabrication Industry
November 3, 2017Mumbai, IndiaTechnology Infrastructure Channel Partners
October 28, 2017Vancouver, CanadaBusiness Owners & Executives
October 26, 2017Bellevue, WashingtonTechnology Consultants
October 13, 2017Minneapolis, MinnesotaRetail Franchise Owners
October 11, 2017Los Angeles, CaliforniaIndustrial Packaging Manufacturers
October 2, 2017Nashville, TennesseeGraphic Identification Manufacturers
September 15, 2017Bangkok, ThailandHealth & Nutrition Salespeople
August 30, 2017Toronto, CanadaEnergy Service Professionals
August 24, 2017Cartagena, ColombiaStock Market & Bank Executives
August 17, 2017San Francisco, CaliforniaCorporate Travel Executives
August 4, 2017Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaAccounting Company Owners
August 2, 2017Chicago, IllinoisCredit Union Executives
July 20, 2017Roseville, CaliforniaHealthcare Providers & Salespeople
June 8, 2017Greenbrier, West VirginiaRefractories Manufacturers
June 6, 2017San Francisco, CaliforniaTechnology Consultants
May 23, 2017Scottsdale, ArizonaTechnology Infrastructure Installation
May 5, 2017Barcelona, SpainPharmaceutical Salespeople
April 26, 2017Chicago, IllinoisTransformer Manufacturing Industry
April 10, 2017Phoenix, ArizonaSquare Dance Callers
April 3, 2017Charleston, South CarolinaEnergy Industry Accounting Managers
March 24, 2017Newport Beach, CaliforniaReal Estate Agents
March 15, 2017Lansing, MichiganInsurance Executives
March 12, 2017Atlanta, GeorgiaInsurance Automation Executives
February 8, 2017Kokomo, IndianaHigh School Entrepreneurship Students
January 17, 2017Scottsdale, ArizonaDoor & Access System Manufacturers
January 11, 2017Phoenix, ArizonaHobby Shop Retail Managers
December 14, 2016Saigon, VietnamCryptocurrency Promoters
December 11, 2016Hanoi, VietnamCryptocurrency Promoters
December 6, 2016Houston, TexaaTechnology Infrastructure Manufacturers
November 22, 2016Vancouver, CanadaCorporate Travel Executives
November 18, 2016Paris, FranceTechnology Consultants
November 16, 2016Little Rock, ArkansasFuneral Services Professionals
November 2, 2016Vancouver, CanadaCorporate Travel Executives
October 18, 2016Chicago, IllinoisTechnology Infrastructure Manufacturers
October 11, 2016Portland, OregonReal Estate Agents
... and many more.