Professional public speaking is a way to share your message and expertise with the world.  As a professional public speaker, you can motivate and inspire people to change their lives for the better.  It’s a rewarding and lucrative industry, with endless possibilities.  Take a look at the following statistics about public speaking.

According to the professional job site, Indeed, the average salary for a motivational or professional speaker is $61,000.00

Taking into account the various levels of professional speaking, this average is promising.  There is no ceiling to how much a professional speaker can make, and it’s a career with unlimited income potential. Tony Robbins, for example, has been reported by Forbes to have a salary of approximately $30 million, and members of the NSA report an average income of $177,000.00, not including higher paid speakers who make this income per event.

According to the Speaker Report of 2013, which is the most recent and extensive report of its kind, only 28.3% of responding professionals believed that having a “big name” speaker was important to attracting registrants to their event.

The professional speaking industry is open to all who become experts in their topic.  Whether your story is motivational, educational, or personal, most agree that substance is more important than fame.  Attendees are looking for great content and a quality presentation.

Three out of four individuals suffer from speech anxiety.

Not only does this make public speaking a unique talent, but it lets those interested in the industry know that they are not alone if they are nervous.  Speaking is a trade and skill, that needs time to be learned and honed like any other profession.  Successful large events are made with knowledgeable and experienced speakers.


84% of ideas for new professional speakers are found by organizations from peer recommendations.  The second most popular source at 47.5% is a web search.

This means that recommendation is the most effective form of speaker marketing by a long shot.  Having a network of professionals that you can work with helps boost your personal success and the success of those around you.

A professional speaker is made valuable by the content they provide to their audience.  Staying relevant and current is essential to the success of your enterprise, and the success of any event.