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Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a leading authority on business and technology trends but also covers positive psychology, growth mindset and the science of happiness. He’s the author of the award-winning book Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed (2011, Wiley) and a regular keynote speaker for Bloomberg TV. He has also lectured at various academic institutions including Purdue and Stanford Universities. Patrick has built his speaking career from the ground up and is passionate about personal development topics. He has read dozens of books about positive psychology and has accumulated hundreds of motivational quotes and optimistic words of encouragement. If you need an inspiring and uplifting speaker for your upcoming event, trust Patrick to deliver the energy and buzz you’re looking for.

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Les Brown is famous for his energizing and motivational speeches. Patrick takes a slight different approach, focusing on the science and research behind positive psychology rather than anecdotal stories. Patrick has studied the field and understand the value of optimistic thinking and encouraging attitudes within an organization. Patrick’s keynote program will introduce your attendees to the exploding research on the science of happiness and how positive energy filters through an organization subconsciously as employees interact with each other. In the end, you end up with either a positive spiral or a negative one. The trick is to shift people’s perceptions about the need for optimism and the impact of negative thinking on company objectives and even people’s personal lives.

The “Law of State Transfer” comes from social dynamics theory and it states that one person’s emotional state will tend to transfer to the person he/she is speaking with. We do this subconsciously. Even babies just days old can already tell the difference between frowning faces and smiling faces. And at just seven months, they use your facial expressions as social cues of how they should be acting. We came hardwired for this. We do it automatically. The result is that one negative employee can inadvertently bring down the whole team, and one positive employee can do the opposite. Employees need to hear how important words of encouragement are and how positive (and negative) feedback filters through an organization.


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Patrick is not a cheesy “rah-rah” motivational speaker. He will not be asking your audience to dance on their chairs or give each other high-fives. Instead, he will create a documentary-type experience for your attendees and introduce them to world they may have never seen before; a world full of exciting new research and profound implications for employee productivity and personal happiness. His slides will have almost no words and will instead feature inspiring images to accompany his words. The objective is to leave your people with a different mindset – a growth mindset – as well as the knowledge of the underlying science. Patrick appeals to their intellect and delivers the facts as well as a string of encouraging perspectives and optimistic quotes.

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