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Full Video Transcript:

Hey, this is Patrick with Keynote Mastery and today I’m standing outside of the Crocker Art Museum here in Sacramento, California, and the reason I’m here today is because tonight I’m going to get a chance to do my first TED talk. TED Talks is a huge platform, of course, for speakers. This is a big victory for me and I’m thrilled to be here.

But I wanted to take this quick video because I wanted to discuss this notion of your victories are cumulative. Solidify your progress. This is one of my favorite concepts in being self-employed and building your online identity, and that is that you get these victories periodically. Maybe once every two months, maybe once every six months, maybe once every year you get a significant victory, but the bottom line is you have an opportunity at that point to take that victory and make it permanent.

Maybe you put your logo, the logo of it on your website. Maybe you get a video from the event like, for example, TED Talks is very well-known to package their videos in excellent video footage, so I’m going to end up getting a video of the speech that I gave tonight at the TED Talks event. Well, I have to take that video and do something with it. I have to put it on my website. I have to take that TED logo and put it on my marketing collateral.

Just like last week. Last week I was in Miami, Florida, and I had an opportunity to record a short two-minute commentary on Nightly Business Report, which is a half-hour television show on PBS on public television about the stock market and finance and the economy. I talked about self-employment as being an option for people who are unemployed. They should consider self-employment as a way to reenter the work force.

But the topic is irrelevant. The point is that that was a huge victory. But it’s no victory at all if I don’t do something with it. I have to take that video, I have to take the PBS, the NBR, Nightly Business Report, I have to take that logo and get it on my website. I have to get that video, put it on my website. If I have marketing collateral I have to get those logos on there, so that when people see me for the first time they see all of it at the same time.

The point is your hardest day is your first, because that’s when you have nothing. But when you start building and you get these different victories from time to time, you start building it up and up and up and up, and before you know it the people who find you for the first time then, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe next month, maybe next year, they see evidence of all of that accomplishment all in one place. So what does it do? It builds your credibility right away.

So whenever you have a victory in your business—and don’t just think about in the future of your business and the victories maybe that you’re working towards right now, but also think about the victories that you’ve already had in the past. How can you go back and make all of those accomplishments permanent and add that stuff to your website, add it to your marketing collateral so that the new prospects which are finding you for the first time can see all that in one place and think, “Wow, this person’s done a lot of stuff?”

That’s exactly what I’m trying to do, and I promise you when you do it that way, there’s an exponential effect. You start off slow. It’s not a big deal. Little progresses, little progress. But eventually there’s so much stuff on there. If you go to my website, there are so many logos on there, there are so many videos, there are so many photographs of different things I’ve had an opportunity to do that the new prospects who find me for the first time think, “You know, this is the person that we want for the event. This is someone that we have confidence in, that we think they can do a good job.” In other words, the credibility is there.

And they don’t know that a lot of that time period was a huge struggle for me. At the beginning, when I was first building my career, it was a real struggle. There were months when I made hardly any money, there were other months where I did better, and it was a balancing act. But the point is, there is this dichotomy that you go through when you’re building your business where in the middle segment where you start accumulating those victories people think you’re doing extraordinarily well, when you know and I know that you’re still in the building process.

And I was in a building process for many years when people already thought I was doing very, very well. But it’s only now really in the second half when I’m finally starting to catch up to what people have thought for the past maybe two years. But the point is, it helped me build my business. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you keep showing the evidence of what you’ve done, the credibility grows and grows and your opportunities grow right along with it.

So find a way to solidify your progress and make your victories cumulative. Your business is going to grow twice as fast if you do.

Description on YouTube

Patrick discusses the concept of “adding permanence” to everything you do, because victories are cumulative. When you’re self-employed, you inevitably accumulate successes along the way. And even if they were hidden among infinitely more failures, you can slowly build your identity around all of your successes and none of your failures. The result is that your hardest day is always your first. After that, you slowly start accumulating successes and building credibility, and that all adds to your evolution as a business person.

The objective should always be to “solidify your success” along the way. Every time something good happens, find a way to crystallize it on your website or in your marketing collateral. Continually add more evidence of your successes. It’s a slow process but it gets easier every single day. And for those people who stumble onto your website, they will see everything you have accomplished as soon as they visit, regardless of how many months or years it took you to accomplish them. Add permanence. Solidify your success. Find ways to accumulate evidence of your accomplishments as your journey unfolds in front of you.

Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a keynote speaker who has spoken at business conferences in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.