As a motivational speaker, I often pull inspiration from other speakers.  I get inspired by the words they use to reach people, their physical movements, and the way they deliver their message.  When I’m trying to express myself and I come to a hurdle, or I just need that extra kick that moves me forward, these are some of my favorite speeches of all time to get me inspired.

Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech is one of the most notorious speeches in history, and it’s not hard to see why.  This speech has strong and relevant content current to the period of time and situation in which it was given.  Dr. King is descriptive and uses strong pictorial metaphors to emphasize his points.  He paints a burning picture of progression in the mind, starting with struggle, and looking to the future for progress.  There is no way not to be moved to action after listening to this speech.

Randy Pausch’s “Last Lecture” was given after the speaker was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and expected to live only four to six months longer.  This inspirational speech titled “Achieving your childhood dreams” became a best selling novel and has inspired people all over the world.

Grant Cardone and Brian Tracy are two renowned speakers, who I like to observe because their styles are so different.  Grant Cardone is active on stage, he projects to the audience, and he uses a casual dialect.  Brian Tracy engages the audience, projects conversationally, but uses an instructive dialogue.  Yet both of these speeches, Grant Cardone’s “Stop Selling, Start Closing” and Brian Tracy’s “How to Build a Great Business” are continuously watched and utilized for entrepreneurs.  The common factors are great content and consistency in delivery.

Gary Vaynerchuck is a relate-able, passionate public speaker and entrepreneur who’s straightforward manner and blunt speech will give you a bigger kick to get moving in the morning than your favorite coffee.  His delivery is meant to wake you up and help you stop making excuses and start succeeding now.

Dr. Eric Thomas is another speaker whose intense passion and straightforward message will help you kick those excuses and start going after what you want.

Being a motivational speaker is about being motivated.  I am constantly learning and perfecting my skills just like I would with any other profession, and watching my colleagues is how I accomplish this.  If you are a public speaker, watch and learn as much as you can from other professionals.

To learn more about motivation, watch one of my favorite videos from an event in 2014, “The road to BEING is through DOING”.